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December 21, 2006

What a truly innovative 1L year would look like

Thanks to this post at PrawfsBlawg, I checked out Thomas Morgan's forthcoming article on "Educating Lawyers for the Future of the Legal Profession."  The piece can be accessed at this SSRN link, and it includes lots and lots of thought-provoking insights.  Since I have long been suspect of all law schools' seemingly uniform commitment to a seemingly antiquated 1L course package, I was especially drawn to Morgan's vision of what a truly modern 1L curriculum might look like.  Here's his proposed 1L courses to replace the classics of Contracts, Torts, Civ Pro, Crim Law and Property:

  1. The Power to Make Law
  2. Sources of Legal Rights
  3. Enforcement of Agreements
  4. Redress of Wrongs
  5. Resolution of Disputes
  6. Internationalization of Practice
  7. Legal Analysis & Expression
  8. Professional Roles & Values

You will have to go check out the article for descriptions of what each of these courses would cover.

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