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January 9, 2007

Emailing Submissions to Law Reviews

My colleague Donna tells me that there is a great resource for lists of email addresses of law reviews that accept submissions via email, as well as web addresses for law reviews that offer web forms for submission. The service, available here, is offered by the Chase Law School in Kentucky, and the list is compiled by Dean Bales. I know that Express-O offers similar functionality (and is likely more comprehensive and full service), but this has the virtue that it is free. I'm going to recommend it to my students, especially. This is a terrific resource for my foreign students, who are spared the expense of mailing from afar. UPDATE: (Bumped up from comments) Commentator Anthony suggests that Washington & Lee's site may have greater functionality. It is located here: http://lawlib.wlu.edu/LJ/ One important issue is whether these sites are kept up to date, as law reviews are constantly tinkering with submission methods (and even, I suppose, potentially changing email addresses in the process). If readers find that one site or the other is better, please keep me informed via the comments here. Anupam Chander

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The Washington & Lee law library site offers better functionality:


The one good thing about the Chase site though is the list of journal symposia call for papers. Maybe that list offers nothing new for professors, but it's extremely useful for non-professors who don't have anywhere else to go to find such announcements.

Posted by: Anthony | Jan 9, 2007 10:44:50 PM

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