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August 14, 2008

Phrase of the day: "Productive aimlessness"

Gee_g2544 I attended much of Thursday morning's orientation lectures, and one phrase used by the very first speaker, OSU President E. Gordon Gee, provides a useful mantra for some of my goals for the class blog: "productive aimlessness."  Arguably, the phrase is an oxymoron, but in my mind it nicely captures my hope that engaging with this blog should be a productive enterprise and experience for everyone (including its creator), but also the idea that there is not one obvious goal or set of goals that I will seek to achieve through this medium.

Indeed, I think "enjoyable productive aimlessness" provides a good mantra for how you should try to spend some of your free time as a 1L.  You will burn-out quickly if all of your activities are very goal-orietned throughout law school.  But, because most attorneys have many personal and professional goals and lots to do to achieve those goals, time-management is a very important skill for all successful lawyers.  Consider exploring and embracing activities that you find enjoyable and that might seem aimless at first, but may also prove to be productive in some way personal or professional way.

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