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November 30, 2008

Our plans for the final few days of class

A reasonable request for clarifying our final few days together brings this accounting:

1.  We meet Monday and Tuesday as normal (Dec. 1 and 2), and we will be discussing the mens rea and actus reus of attempt liability.  Upon the end of Tuesday's class we will have covered all the material on which your final exam will be based.

2.  We do not meet on Wednsesday ((Dec. 3) because it is a "Constructive Friday."

3.  What was supposed to be our final class (Monday, Dec. 8) is rescheduled for Thursday (Dec. 4).  During that class, I will very quickly discuss complicity and conspiracy and the substantive themes/lesson I hope you take away from the class.  In addition, during that last class I will discuss the specifics of the final exam and set up times for group review sessions.

I hope this clarifies what we have left to do together and what reading you need to complete (i.e., if you have done the attempt reading (but nothing more), you are all set).  Please feel free to use the comments to express question or concerns about our collective plans.

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