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November 4, 2008

The consequence of not passing a new rape provision in Oliwood

I realized after class that there is a status quo rape provision in Oliwood: MPC Section 213.1(1).  With both of the proposed alternatives going down to defeat in Tuesday's legislative session, it would seem that rape is now still defined and governed in Oliwood by the provisions of MPC 213.1(1). 

Because the proposal from the You Betcha party received more votes than any other proposal, I will entertain a motion at the start of Wednesday's class to vote again on that proposal (and I will happily post any revision of that proposal which might be offered in an effort to secure additional votes for passage).  

Absolutely no later than 10:15am, however, Thomas O'Dudley, the captain of the O'Mignonette yacth that recently sunk off Gilligan Bay in the South Oliwood Sea, will be coming to talk to his lawyers about whether he has any defenses to the charge of murder in Oliwood after he was forced to kill Richard O'Parker while trying to survive on a lifeboat onto which he and other sailors were stranded for nearly three weeks this past summer.

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I propose that we allocate 2 minutes to both the majority and minority to make final arguments for their bills and then we vote on both

Posted by: Jake | Nov 4, 2008 1:32:42 PM

Make a motion at the start of Wednesday's class, and we will see if this procedural suggestion has support.

Posted by: Vice-Gov of Oliwood | Nov 4, 2008 3:48:51 PM

We have already voted on the minority party's bill, which was defeated, and I would suggest proposed amendments be put to a vote at the beginning of class and then on entire bill by 10:15 (if there are none proposed we can vote immediately) with a limit of 2 minutes of discussion on each amendment, cutting off discussion at 10:10

Posted by: concerned legislator | Nov 4, 2008 6:41:07 PM

The minority party's bill was narrowly defeated while the majority party's bill was defeated soundly. I think we should try to address the concerns with the minority bill quickly and then vote at the beginning of class. If that is what you were trying to say "concerned legislator" then I agree.

Changes to the minority party bill from today: A mens rea term of negligence has been added for the defendant and the sentencing provisions now have a few sentences that articulate the legislative intent of having aggravating and mitigating factors affect the sentencing. I believe this will address many concerns but others can be voiced at the beginning of class in the form of amendments if necessary.

Posted by: Steve | Nov 4, 2008 8:45:37 PM

Thanks for the information and I will check the site monthly for more legal udates.

Posted by: Corey Parker P. S. | Oct 2, 2009 1:13:55 AM

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