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December 11, 2008

Our review sessions and more old exams

As previously mentioned, I am planning to conduct review sessions this Friday afternoon (December 12 at say 2pm) and next Monday morning (December 15 at say 11am).  Because I think upper-level exams may be taking place in our usual classroom, let's plan to have these review sessions in Room 354 (which is the weird little classroom at the very end of the third floor near the steps to the fourth floor.

To review: I will be available to answer questions Friday at 2pm and Monday at 11am in Room 354.  I will stay both days to answer as many questions as folks have for as long as needed.  I have no plans to present any material other then to report on the exact exam format (which is likely to be a 3-hour exam with 3 questions).

As I have suggested before and will suggest again, a great way to prepare for the final is by taking old exams under "real" conditions.  I have previously posted two old exams in this prior post, and now here are two more for your practicing fun:

Download 1999 Final Exam

Download Final 2003 Crim Law exam

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