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February 14, 2009

Happy to have more review/advice meetings ... and eager for more law school commentary

In addition to thanking everyone who stopped by recently, I wanted to express my willingness to continue meeting with students individually (or in groups) through the semester. 

In the next few weeks, law school life really starts to speed up for 1Ls at Moritz.  In addition to having legal writing papers due, you need to start thinking about journals and other possible major activities during your next two years in law school.  Also, course selection materials come out and require you to start thinking about how you want to plan your upper-level program.  And, of course, you have your Contracts final before Spring Break and all your other finals not too long thereafter.

I am always happy to talk with students about any or all of these realities (and also about exam performance and job hunting and related concerns).  And, I am also eager to have students use the comments to this post to comment on their latest feeling and concerns as the 1L year at Moritz heads into the home stretch.

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February 2, 2009

A way (and a week) for reviewing class activities and performance

I am pleased to have heard from a lot of students expressing interest in reviewing their research assignments and/or their exams.  And I am pleased to make time for doing such review.  But I need to schedule review plans systematically, and I figure this blog space is the idea way to go about scheduling review periods.

Specifically, I am going to block off every afternoon next week(Feb 9 to Feb 13) between 3pm and 5pm for paper/exam review.  Everyone should feel free to use e-mail and/or the blog comments to "book" a time in periods for a 30-minute review session.  (Folks who sign up for times via comments get first priority because doing so will enable others to see when times have already been taken.)

I will update this post with times taken as needed.  And, the morning before a scheduled meeting time, it is essential that a student let me know his/her assignment and/or exam number so I can retrieve and mark-up the work to be reviewed.

I hope this plan makes sense (and works), and I also hope  everyone is able to book a convenient time for next week.  I will schedule an additional week for review later in the semester if there is interest.

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