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August 18, 2010

Feeling well oriented? Have any pre-class questions or concerns?

I am eager for this blog to be an opportunity and forum for discussion of "meta-issues" relating to what's going on at Moritz and the entire first-year law school experience.  Consequently, I may often create posts like this one posing general questions about recent Moritz events and how 1Ls students are feeling.  I hope folks feel free to express candid (and, when appropriate, critical) thoughts in response to my questions in the comments of these posts.  So, without further ado, here are my questions today:

1.  What did you think about the orientation program?  What parts of the program did you find most (or least) helpful?

2.  Do you have any final questions or concerns about the whole law school experience now that we are on the eve of 1L classes getting off to a flying start?

UPDATE at 11am on 8/19 (with pre-class advice):  Thanks to Luke (and Kristin), I know you all have now survived your first law-school class, and I trust it went well.  Relatedly, I would be grateful if somebody reports in the comments if anyone from our small-section got called on by Professor Cole so I can make sure to leave that student alone today.  (It is bad enough to be called on in your very first law school class; it is likely a bad omen to be called on in your first two classes.) 

If you are reading this update before our time together in our first class, you are already following the advice I wanted to give in this update.  Specifically, I encourage you to make a habit of checking this blog sometime before each of our class sessions.  You are, of course, encouraged to check (and comment) on this blog frequently.  But, I like to use this space to provide brief pre-class reminders, it is especially important that you check this space for new posts as part of your standard pre-class routine.

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That would be Travis - he was the first one Prof. Cole called on this morning.

Posted by: Lindsey | Aug 19, 2010 2:26:37 PM

That would also be Ryan S. and Nicole C.

Posted by: Ryan S. | Aug 19, 2010 2:59:11 PM

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