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January 24, 2011

Grades likely to be distributed this week... and...

I hope you all realize that neither your personal worth nor your professional future is determined by how you did on your first set of law school exams.  For a whole bunch of reasons, I encourage all of you not to worry too much about your grades either before or after they get distributed.

I will set up a few specific times for one-on-one exam review in LATE February and LATE March, in part because I think you should review your specific exam performance only when you are in serious gear-up mode for another set of exams.  But before that time I will be available and eager to meet with folks one-on-one to discuss exam performance in general and to explain more fully why your first set of grades have so little to say about either your personal worth or your professional future.

In addition, even for those of you who did not do as well as you hoped or planned, remember that you still have an open invitation to do research work for me this summer if such an opportunity appeals to you.   Further, in these final few days before grades get distributed, I encourage you to use the comments to this post to express your views on the whole exam/grading experience and/or early thoughts about your second semester experiences.

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January 7, 2011

Welcome back (and feel free to come by)

Hey folks.  Long time no see.  I have been thinking of you all not only as I try to wrap up my grading, but also as I worry if you are in the "right" frame of mind for returning to law school.  I am not really sure what the "right" frame of mind is, but I am sure that the Spring Semester of the 1L year can be even tougher socially and emotionally than the Fall Semester (in part because the "newness" factors and virtues are gone and the stress realities and annoying factors remain).

If you want or need a pep talk, feel free to stop by for a chat in the days and weeks ahead.  Indeed, feel free to vent on this blog, as you no longer need to try to impress me and can thus be even more candid about how Moritz and your professors are treating you.  In addition, I remain willing/eager to provide feedback on any writing samples or job hunts or any other professional (or personal) concerns you have these days.

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