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July 4, 2012

Welcome to Moritz College of Law (in Oxford), Comparative Criminal Procedure with Prof. Berman

I have made a habit in recent years to use blogs to support and supplement my instruction in law school classes. Some of these class blogs have served my purposes and goals well, others have meet with mixed results.  Undaunted, I remain convinced (but not entirely confident) that the blog technology (rather than a propriety law-school-support technology like TWEN) provides the best on-line tool for supporting and supplement law school courses.

As this post documents, I will be continuing my bloggy ways even while across the pond during this Summer 2012 semester at the Moritz College of Law in Oxford.  (Note:  I have built this "new" blog directly atop the blog I used when teaching Criminal Law in Fall 2008 and again in Fall 2010. I am hopeful that students may benefit from (or at least find amusing) seeing some posts (and comments) which were generated here when I used it to teach Crim Law to Fall 1Ls at Ohio State.)

Welcome to the (re-)launch of this blogging adventure, with an emphasis this time around on comparative criminal procedure.  I am always pleased when this blog helps to promote a new type of student engagement, and it also provides an effective means for me to share both required and optional materials and ideas (e.g., you should be sure to read (and then re-read) chapter 1 of our text for our second and third classes).







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