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August 2, 2012

Should all CJ systems invest more in "alternative" criminal procedures?

By necessity given how little time we had together, our class text and in-class discussion has focused almost exclusively on traditional issues implicated by traditional criminal procedures (although our early discussions of police practices and new technologies certainly added some "Brave New World" aspects to the discourse). Helpfully, Katie and Tracey in their mid-term papers discussed some non-tradition criminal procedure realities (with reference, interestingly, to two countries in distant lands that have legal systems with common law roots)

Below I have uploaded the mid-term papers of Katie and Tracey, and I highly encourage everyone to read these papers closely and then share comments concerning the question in the title of this post.

Download Calderon on V-O Mediation

Download Wallrabenstein on GPS tracking

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This was just too good to pass up:


An Australian couple was served with papers over Facebook. How is that for an interesting alternative criminal procedure?! However, the judge did make the attorney send it over a private message instead of just posting on their wall.

To be fair, the couple was avoiding being served and missed showing up to court, but I still found this use of new (it was 2008 at the time) technology to be interesting and a good read to stumble upon in the midst of finals.

Happy studies!

Posted by: Katie | Aug 2, 2012 6:58:59 PM

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