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August 23, 2016

Electronic copies of Handout #1 and materials for Friday afternoon's sentencing role-play

Available below for downloading are:

(1) Handout #1 (Excerpts of Remarks by President Obama at the July 2015 NAACP Conference), and

(2) Materials for our Friday afternoon sentencing role play (PreSentencing Reports (PSRs) for Rachel Foster and Dan Schayes). 

These materials will also be available in hard-copy in class on Wednesday.  In the meantime, think hard about whether you would like to volunteer to serve as a prosecutor or defense attorney in our afternoon role play (earning a free drink and immunity from being called upon in class for most of September).  As will be explained in class on Wednesday, those not serving in a lawyer-advocacy role will serve as judges in the role play.

As I will explain in class, for purposes of our sentencing role-play exercise, both the lawyers and judges of Oliwood should assume that the great state of Oliwood has adopted the first two subsections of US Code, Title 18, Section 3553(a) as a guide for sentencing advocacy and sentencing decision-making by Oliwood judges.   (In other words, lawyers and judges should focus on the substantive provisions of 3553(a)(1) and 3553(a)(2), but should not worry about the subsequent sections of 3553(a).)

Download Prez NAACP speech

Download 2016-role-play-psrs

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