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October 3, 2016

Prior posts with prior real and practice mid-term exams

Happy exciting October ... which is made even more exciting because a week from today you will all get the opportunity to get your first law school exam behind you.  Though I suspect many may fall prey to the common tendency to prepare too much rather than too little for the (not-all-that-important) mid-term, I also suspect my tendency to write exam questions that are crazy hard will tend to aggravate that common student tendency.

These concerns aside, and with the prior warning that all the prior exams you find are crazy hard, here are links to prior posts in which you can find links to prior mid-term exams.  Specifically, the first two links below are to the "practice" mid-term that I still offer when teaching a large-section class (and associated follow-up materials), and the other links provide through prior posts access to the actual mid-terms that I administered in 2013 and 2014:

Reflections on the practice exam experience

Practice exam feedback materials

For your review and enjoyment... my (too long) 2013 Crim Law mid-term

Materials and times for [2014] midterm review

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Dear Mr. Berman, after looking at your "too long" 2013 midterm, all I could do was laugh. That is amazing, and I love you for that.

Posted by: Matthew Carpenter | Oct 3, 2016 7:48:18 PM

How I love you for loving me, Matthew... ;-)

Posted by: Doug B. | Oct 3, 2016 7:56:10 PM

Professor Berman, when using rules from the MPC/ORC to answer the exam questions, do we need to specifically cite which section of the MPC/ORC the rule is coming from?

Posted by: Andrea Hearon | Oct 8, 2016 12:36:16 PM

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