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November 13, 2016

Class schedule and activities for classes before Thanksgiving break of November

I hope everyone had a relaxing and meaningful mini-break, and we return with lots to get to. Here is my vision for class plans/activities for the five classes we have before it is time to turn to turkey:

Monday Nov 14: Discussion of Rape Survey results and discussion and votes on various proposed new/improved rape provision for Oliwood/MPC to replace Section 213.1(1).

Wednesday Nov 16:  Finish rape reform discussion and its lessons, begin overview of defenses (in theory and practice), starting with dive into intricacies of self-defense 

Friday Nov 18:  Deep dive into self-defense doctrines, which demands that you all have read (and re-read) La Voie and especially Leidholm and MPC defensive force provisions very carefully.  

Monday, Nov 21:  Deep dive into Ohio's common-law approach to self-defense, most fully defined by Ohio Supreme Court's decision in State v. Thomas, which is available in pdf form at this link. (The official cite is State v. Thomas, 77 Ohio St.3d 323, 673 N.E.2d 1339 (1997).)  Legislative nuances to Ohio's common-law approach to self-defense appear in these Ohio Revised Code provisions: 2901.05. Burden of proof - reasonable doubt - self-defense.2901.06. Battered woman syndrome evidence.2901.09. No duty to retreat in residence or vehicle.

Tuesday, Nov 22 (a constructive Friday):  Wrap up discussions of self-defense doctrines, start turn to other defenses of duress, necessity and insanity 

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