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August 21, 2017

Lawyers signed up for Monday afternoon's role-play

I am so pleased to have already heard from many of you to volunteer for our sentencing role-play planned for Monday afternoon.  As of 3pm on Monday, I have already received requests for all the spots save for defending Dan Schayes. 

UPDATE late Monday: A couple more afternoon volunteers have finalized our roster (and thanks to the extra volunteers).  

Here is the full lawyering role-play run-down:


Oliwood v. Rachel Foster

Prosecutors: Conor Strait & Marcellus Mosley

Defense Attorneys: Margaret Huck & Matthew Crawford


Oliwood v. Dan Schayes

Prosecutors: Graeme Sua & Zach Marcum

Defense Attorneys: Sam Lioi & Jacob Becker


For these lawyers, it is useful to try to be a bit cued into your respective roles: Prosecutors do not represent any individual party, but the state as a whole, and they thus tend to embrace the obligation to argue for whatever sentence they believe will be just and effective as a punishment.  Defense attorneys, in contrast, have an individual client, and their role is typically understood to require them to seek and advocate for the most lenient/defendant-friendly sentence as seems possible under the circumstances.

The rest of you, as I mentioned in class, get to serve as sentencing judges.  Below you can download a form to be used for the sentencing. There is no need (or place) to put a name on the form, but I will collect them after our sentencing hearings in class.  As you will see when you download the form, judges are encouraged to develop tentative ideas about what sentence they might impose before coming to class to hear the advocates' presentations.  By doing so, folks can get a better sense for whether and how advocacy can have an impact in this kind of setting.

In addition to the sentencing form, I am also providing here an electronic copy of the "presentence reports" handed out in class.

Download 2017-judges-sentencing-form

Download 2017-role-play-psrs

I will discuss the role-play a bit more during Friday's class and be available to answer any questions about what should be a fun and low-stress experience.

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