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August 14, 2017

Welcome to the Moritz College of Law, Criminal Law with Professor Douglas Berman, and version 7.0 of this class blog

I am a big fan of law blogs and I make a regular habit of using blogs to support and supplement my instruction in law school classes.  Sometimes class blogs serve my purposes and goals well; other times, not so much.  Undaunted, I remain convinced (but not entirely confident) that blog technology (rather than a propriety law-school-support technology like TWEN) provides for me a useful on-line tool for supporting and supplementing my courses.

I will continue my bloggy ways in the Fall 2017 semester at the Moritz College of Law through this blog to supplement our first-semester 1L Criminal Law course.  As the "version 7.0" label in the title of this post highlights, I have built this "new" blog directly atop the blog I have used when teaching this very same course five times before (in Fall 2008, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016) and when teaching a Comparative Criminal Procedure course (in Summer 2012 as part of our great Oxford summer program).   I am hopeful that some of you new 1Ls will benefit from (or at least find reassuring) seeing some of the posts and comments that were generated in this space in years gone by via these archives.  

So, welcome to the latest re-launch of this 1L Crim Law blogging adventure. I am always pleased when this blog helps to promote a distinct type of student engagement, and it will certainly provides the means for me to share required and optional materials and ideas.


P.S.:  As proof that mining the blog archives can be useful, let me provide some "deep cuts" you might already find interesting or useful.  Here are two prior posts and the student comments thereto (one from Aug 2008 and the other from Aug 2010) might be worthwhile as you gear up for our first week of class discussions:

In addition, in the archives from 2008, one can find these links to another of my favorite law blogs providing lots and lots of (old but still timely) advice for incoming 1Ls:

































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