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October 17, 2017

Some notable recent examples of involuntary manslaughter charges in Ohio

As noted (too) briefly in class, Ohio has a somewhat unique set of involuntary manslaughter provisions because they do not address reckless killing, but do cover deaths caused as a proximate result of other criminal activities.  Of late, one can find lots of different local stories of involuntary manslaughter charges being filed after a person dies from an opioid overdose.  Some examples of these stories, along with a few other recent cases in which Ohio prosecutors brought involuntary manslaughter charges, are linked below:

Woman Charged After 12-Year-Old Boy Dies From Fentanyl Overdose During Sleepover

Ohio Man Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter for Fentanyl Overdose Death

Woman gets 8 years in prison in fatal drug overdose

Akron man sentenced to 10 years in prison for overdose deaths of two Stow women; victim’s mother forgives, ‘will never forget’

Cleveland dinner-party host indicted in unintentional fatal shooting of guest

Trucker pleads no contest in 2016 death: Maumee woman, 20, killed in U.S. 24 crash

New Franklin woman charged in crash that killed two Coventry students

Though nobody should feel compelled to review all these stories, it might be useful to review some of the facts in these cases in order to imagine how a prosecutor in Oliwood might consider possible homicide charges under the Model Penal Code.

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