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August 16, 2018

First assignments and electronic copies of the course description and class syllabus

I am here posting electronic copies of the basic course documents and our assignment for the first week of class.

In preparation for our first class on Monday, August 20, you should:

1.  Obtain a copy of Kaplan, Weisberg and Binder, Criminal Law (8th ed. 2017)

2.  Obtain a copy of the course description and the course syllabus, which are available in front of my office (Room 313) and on the course website (linked below).

3.  Read the casebook's Introduction quickly and pages 21-27, 31-34, and 605-11 closely. Because the next set of readings provide theoretical background, can be read quickly, and should enhance your appreciation of our initial discussions, I encourage you also to SKIM the readings from pages 34‑76 in the text as soon as possible.

Download 2018 syllabus

Download 2018 Course description

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