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August 22, 2018

Many, many thanks for (too) many, many sentencing role-play volunteers

I was so pleased to get back to my desk and already hear from so many of you about your interest in volunteering for our sentencing role-play planned for Monday afternoon.  As I mentioned, I tried to fill spots in a first-come, first-serve way, and I am sincerely sorry we had more volunteers than slots.   Here is who have been plugged into these coveted early lawyering slots based on the emails I received:


Oliwood v. Rachel Foster

Prosecutors: Angad Chopra & Alex Maxwell

Defense AttorneysCaitlin Langfitt & Helen Sudhoff


Oliwood v. Dan Schayes

Prosecutors: Cole Hassey & Evan Lewis

Defense Attorneys: Anders Miller & Silvia Francis-Bongue


UPDATE Below is an electronic copy of the sentencing form I handed out in class on Friday.  And remembers that for our exercise we will be using the first two subsections of  US Code, Title 18, Section 3553(a) ("Factors To Be Considered in Imposing a Sentence") as a guide for our judges and counsel.

Download 2018-judges-sentencing-form

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