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October 15, 2018

Plans as we finish up homicide, debate new Oliwood rape legislation, and then head into defenses

Just a quick note to remind everyone that we should be wrapping up the homicide unit over our next few classes.  We can and will cover reckless murder pretty quickly on Wednesday (with Mayes our focal point), though I expect we might need a bit more than a class to discuss and debate felony murder.  In other words, I doubt we will finish homicide on Friday, but we will definitely complete the unit by next Monday.  (So, for your reading, at least try to start the felony murder materials by Wednesday, and have it wrapped by Friday.)

We should be able to start our (too brief) rape law discussion on Monday, and we will examine the evolution of the "modernization" of rape doctrine throughout next week.  I am planning to have our legislative debate over a new proposed aggravated rape law for Oliwood on Friday, October 26.  As of this writing, I already have four(!) groups of students volunteering to be drafting committees for this exercise.  I am grateful for all those eager to participate, and I will discuss the particulars of the exercise in class in the coming days.

By the last week of October, we should be ready to start our unit on "true defenses," starting with self-defense.

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