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August 13, 2021

Welcome to the Moritz College of Law, Criminal Law with Professor Douglas Berman, and version 9.0 of this class blog

Showing my age and my eagerness to stick with a technology that works well for me, I remain a big fan of law blogs and I continue to make a regular habit of using various blogs to support and supplement my instruction in various law school classes.  I have long found that blog technology (rather than a propriety law-school-support technology like TWEN) provides a useful and distinctive on-line tool for supporting and supplementing my courses and for encouraging students to get used to "public" questioning and commentary.

I will continue my bloggy ways in the Fall 2021 semester at the Moritz College of Law through this blog which will serve an on-line supplement to our first-semester 1L Criminal Law course.  As the "version 9.0" label in the title of this post highlights, I have built this "new" blog directly atop the blog I have used when teaching this very same course seven times before (in Fall 2008, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018) and also when teaching a Comparative Criminal Procedure course (in Summer 2012 as part of our great Oxford summer program).  I am hopeful that some of you new 1Ls will benefit from (or at least find reassuring) seeing some of the posts and comments that were generated in this space in years gone by via these archives.

So, welcome to the latest re-launch of this 1L Crim Law blogging adventure.  I am always pleased when this blog helps to promote a distinct type of student engagement, and it will provide the means for me to share required and optional materials and ideas.




I am also here posting electronic copies of the basic course documents and our assignment for the first week of class.

In preparation for our first class on Monday, August 23, you should:

1.  Obtain a copy of Kaplan, Weisberg and Binder, Criminal Law (9th ed. 2021)

2.  Obtain a copy of the course description and the course syllabus, which are available in front of my office (Room 313) and on the course website (linked below), and also available in the FILES tab in our CarmenCanvas class webpage.

3.  Read the casebook's Introduction quickly and pages 19-25, 29-32, and 589-595 closely. Because the next set of readings provide theoretical background, should be read (skimmed) VERY quickly, and should enhance your appreciation of our initial discussions, I encourage you also to SKIM the readings from pages 32‑70 in the text as soon as possible.

Download 2021 Course description

Download 2021 syllabus







UPDATE:  I think the comments have now been turned on for all new posts, though commenting is entirely optional.  Let me know by email if you have any problems with the comment section.









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