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November 8, 2021

Another reminder that some of my silly hypos can be all too real for some

Eb3a5bff4e58c50a9a3bc42050c61db3--wilma-flintstone-colorful-quotesEarlier this year, as noted in this post, I was alerted to a recent real-life example of an immoral photographer — kind of like the photo-journalist in my baby-drowning-at-pool hypo.  And today, another class member found this recent news report that sounds more than a bit like my Flintstones' hypothetical.  The report is headlined "Police say man shot dead in east El Paso after assaulting ex-girlfriend is justifiable killing," and here are the details in two parts:

ORIGINAL REPORT, Nov. 5: EL PASO, Texas -- A 23-year-old man was shot dead Friday evening by a homeowner on El Paso's eastside in a dispute involving a woman, police said.

The fatal shooting happened at a home in the 11800 block of Vere Leasure, a neighborhood located near Saul Kleinfeld and Pebble Hills Boulevard. Crimes Against Persons detectives were summoned to the scene around 7:30 p.m.

The woman involved in the dispute is the homeowner's current girlfriend and is the ex-girlfriend of the deceased, according to investigators.

The homeowner told police that he pulled out a gun and shot the man after coming home and finding him assaulting the girlfriend; she didn't have any serious injuries.

A police spokesman said the pair, who are each in their 20s, were cooperating with authorities; both claimed the deadly shooting was a case of self defense. Investigators were trying to determine if that was the case or whether murder charges may be warranted.

UPDATE, Nov. 8: Investigators on Monday said they were ruling last week's shooting death of a man by a homeowner on El Paso's east side as a case of justifiable homicide.

Police identified the man killed as Aram Sida, 23, of Horizon City, and said he was shot to death by 20-year-old Hunter Joseph at his home in the 11800 block of Vere Leasure on Friday evening. The shooting happened after Sida allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend.

In a report on the shooting released Monday, police wrote that the "investigation revealed Sida forced his way into the residence. Once inside the residence, Sida began assaulting the female victim. The homeowner told Sida to leave the residence and armed himself with a rifle. Sida charged toward the homeowner with a knife. The homeowner then discharged his rifle and shot Sida killing Sida at the scene."

Among other matters of note, this report highlights how certain legal defenses can be assessed and resolved even before any criminal charges are filed.

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