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November 23, 2021

Insane movie recommendations for relaxing and reloading through the holiday weekend

Download (21)We have now too quickly reviewed insanity doctrine, which often seems to get more attention in courtroom movies rather than in actual courtrooms.  A couple movies I recommend as good cinema (but not necessarily as good law) that incorporate insanity claims are Anatomy of a Murder (1959) and Primal Fear (1996).  In addition, Nuts (1986) is an interesting movie addressing competency to stand trial.

Partially to provide a reminder that you should be doing a lot more than just studying over the long holiday weekend, I though it might be fun to also use this post as a forum for movie recommendations.  I urge every student to see at least two movies while on break (streaming counts), ideally without multi-tasking on another screen.  (I need to follow this advice, too.)

Of course, you may not want to relax watching law movies, but for anyone interested in some of my favorites in this genre:

I have intentionally left out law school movies, though The Paper Chase (1973) and Legally Blonde (2001) are the classics here.  And I cannot help re-watching Rounders (1998), but more for the stars and the poker, not the law school parts.

Though I know I have failed to consistently keep the comments open because this blog technology is balky, I am going to try to make sure the comments here stay open so everyone can share movie recommendations (law or otherwise).

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I watched two new movies over break and recommend both! Tick Tick Boom! a story about Jonathan Larson (creator of the musical 'Rent') and King Richard, a story about Richard Williams (Venus and Serena's father and former coach)

Posted by: Caroline Cox | Nov 27, 2021 9:41:29 PM

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