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December 16, 2021


A number of folks have inquired about recording our review sessions, which led me to realize that we could still zoom meet using our "old" class link, but I was not 100% sure I would still able able to zoom record at that link.  So I have created a new zoom link for our review sessions in order to ensure I can make a recording and post it on Carmen after each of our planned review sessions.

I have posted the new Zoom link on under Announcements Carmen and will send it to the whole class via email (I do not want to post it here and risk bombing).  Feel free to email me if you cannot find the new link.

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December 15, 2021

In case you want easy access to ever more old exams...

here are some more links to prior posts providing downloadable copies of my exams from:

And remember, our scheduled review sessions start which me available to answer questions in person at our usual room on Thursday, December 16 at 1:30pm and Friday, December 17 at 11:00am.

Congrats on being ever so close to officially finishing your first semester of law school!

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December 9, 2021

Old exams from the "Eights"

I think the only two past exams of mine that do not already appear somewhere in the archives of this blog are from Fall 2008 and Fall 2018.  So:

Download 2008 Final Crim Law exam

Download 2018 Final Crim Law Exam

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December 8, 2021

Mapping out review session plans for Thursday (12/16), Friday (12/17) and Sunday (12/19)

As mentioned in class, I am tentatively planning to have (entirely optional) review sessions in the days leading up to our exam. Specifically, I plan to be at the law school and will head to our usual room to answer questions for as long as possible/needed on:

Thursday, December 16, starting at 1:30pm

Friday, December 17, starting at 11:00am

In addition, I will be willing to also have a Zoom review session on Sunday, December 19, starting around 12noon. I am assuming these times are good unless and until otherwise from folks. 

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December 4, 2021

Linking to a bunch of older exams in this new post

As I have suggested in various ways at various times, reviewing my old exams can be an effective way to prepare for a new final. To help toward that end, here I can link to prior posts where you can download a number of my oldest exams:

After you get a chance to look through these (lucky?) seven prior exams, I will plan to post a few more.  And if you have any problem accessing any of these exams, please let me know.

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