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October 31, 2022

Background on infamous Menendez case and links to less famous recent cases

I briefly mentioned in class the Menendez case, involving an infamous double murder followed by questionable claims of self-defense, which led to a high-profile televised trial in the early 1990s.  Realizing that many of you were born long after that case captured the headlines, I figured I would provide a few links to the juicy story:

Short version of story from History.com: "The Menendez brothers murder their parents"

Long version of story from Biography.com: "Why the Menendez Brothers Killed Their Parents – a Look Inside Their Murder Case"

Of course, one need not go back three decades to find interesting real-world defensive force cases.  A quick Google search turned up these notable stories from around the country from just the past few weeks:

From California, "‘I hate myself for what I did’: Teen accused of killing mom claims self-defense"

From Colorado, "Semi driver who admitted to fatally shooting woman in Aurora from truck cab claims self-defense and is charged with murder"

From Florida, "He saw a rival on a motor bike and opened fire. Miami jury acquitted him of murder."

From Minnesota, "Man charged in deadly Minneapolis mass shooting takes stand; argues self-defense"

From Missouri, "Here’s why ‘stand your ground’ law protected woman who shot KC firefighter from charges"

From New York, "Lawyer claims 73-year-old killer was acting in self defense when he shot brother at mom’s Queens home"

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