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October 26, 2022

Draft "OSU Sexual Misconduct Policy" for consideration before scheduled (in-class) hearing

I have received the first detailed proposal for class consideration of an OSU Sexual Misconduct policy from Luke, Ian, Michael and Nick Wead.  The proposal runs four pages, and can be downloaded here:

Download 2022 OSU Sexual Misconduct Policy from LIMN


UPDATE:  This blogging software seems to finally be operational again, as so I can now post here the second piece of draft legislation sent my way.  This "draft Campus Sexual Misconduct Policy" has been provided by the drafting committee of Isabella, Lili, Marie, Reema, and Izzy.

Download Campus Policy Draft from RMIIL


LAST MINUTE ADDITIONAL UPDATEWhile I was at a student lunch, I received a final "Proposed Campus Sexual Misconduct Policy" from Sarah, Zarah, Patrick, Stephen, Nick, AJ and Mehek Sheikh:

Download Campus Sexual Misconduct Draft from SZPSNAM

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