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October 2, 2022

For your review and preparation (and enjoyment?): prior mid-terms and exam prep materials

To help you prepare for the coming mid-term (on Wednesday, Oct 12), I am happy to provide prior exams and other exam prep materials.  To start, I will post here the mid-term exam I gave students in this class last Fall, as well as a "practice" mid-term that I typically offer when I teach a large-section class (and associated follow-up materials).

Download Berman Crim Law midterm for 2021

Download practice_exam.rtf

Download key_issues_on_practice_exam.rtf

Download exam_tips_memo.rtf

I think this is (more than) enough material for helping you prepare for the mid-term (which is supposed to be a relatively low-key event).  But you can find more old exams in the archives if you are a glutton for exam punishment.

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