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October 17, 2022

Links to some prior examples of legislative drafts from prior role plays

I will seek to explain in class, perhaps a bit more clearly, the logistics for the legislative drafting role play that is tentatively scheduled to take place in class on Friday, October 28. For now, folks (especially folks who have not yet been involved in a role play) should be thinking about possibly assembling a drafting committee with fellow students.

I am grateful for all those who have already expressed an eagerness to participate, and I will discuss more of particulars of the exercise in the coming days.  In the meantime, you can and should feel free to peruse some of the efforts from prior years captured in the archives of this blog.  Here is an abridged accounting:

From 2013:

Oliwood rape reform proposals from four drafting subcommittees


From 2014:

Sexual offense code reform proposals from our drafting subcommittees (bonus trivia: one of the drafters from 2014 is a 538 favorite to win a 2022 seat in Congress)


From 2016:

Submitted draft proposals for revised MPC rape provision and for elaborate campus sexual behavior code


From 2018:

Fall 2018 proposals for an Aggravated Rape statute in the great state of Oliwood 


From 2021:

Draft Aggravated Rape statutes for legislative consideration before scheduled (in-class) legislative hearing 

Draft "Campus Sexual Misconduct Policy" for consideration before scheduled (in-class) hearing

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