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December 8, 2022

Last year's final exam and links to many more

As I have suggested in various ways at various times, reviewing my old exams can be an effective way to prepare for my new final.  As some of you may now, the easiest way to find my old finals is by scrolling down posts at the Preparing for the final category archive.  (Or, perhaps even easier is to jumpt to the December 2021 archive.)  I am pretty sure you can find nearly all my old exams via links in prior posts via the archives.

The only prior final exam not already on this site is my Fall 2021 exam.  So here it is:

Download Berman 2021 Crim final exam

Please let me know, via the comments here or email, if you have any problems accessing this old exam or any of the older ones.  And if I can do anything more to help as your work through this finals Fall, please feel free to reach out.

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