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December 15, 2022


I am still planning to conduct (entirely optional) review sessions in the days leading up to our exam.  Specifically, I plan to be on Zoom to answer questions in two weekend sessions: 

Saturday, December 17, starting at 1:30pm

Sunday, December 18, starting at 11:30am

In addition, I will plan to conduct an in-person review session in our usual classroom (which will also be Zoomed): 

Monday, December 19, starting at 11am.

I will also plan to record/post these review sessions, AND I have created a new zoom link for our review sessions in order to ensure I can make a recording and post it on Carmen after each of our planned review sessions.

I have posted the new Zoom link on under Announcements Carmen and will also plan to send it to the whole class via email on Saturday morning (I do not want to post it here and risk bombing).  Feel free to email me if you cannot find the new link.

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