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November 15, 2023

A political hypo for wrapping up attempt / complicity / conspiracy discussions

To facilitate discussion of various doctrines related to attempt (particularly the act requirement), I have in past years put up posts with a sequence of actions by a young man seemingly interested in committing an act of domestic terrorism.  Examples are here (planning to bomb Microsoft's headquarters) and here (planning to bomb Apple's headquarters) and here (planning to bomb the Ron Paul Institute).

Based on recent political developments, I have revised my hypo (and hope it is not too triggering).  Here goes:

1. Joe McAngry calls his parents to say he was excited by Nikki Haley's campaign for President and wishes old folks like Joe Biden and Donald Trump would get out of way

2. Joe emails a friend to say is very depressed and angry that his choices for President in 2024 might again be Biden and Trump

3. Joe texts a co-worker that he wished Biden and Trump would "just die already" so someone else could be president 

4. Joe posts anonymously on X that "someone should kill Donald Trump" to spare the country the spectacle of his trials and 2024 campaign 

5. Joe researches online where Trump is scheduled to give speeches in coming weeks

6. Joe researches online about Mar-a-Lago and contacts persons about events at the property

7. Joe posts anonymously on Facebook that "some day harm would come to Trump and those who defend him"

8. Joe orders a bulletproof vest from an online store for overnight delivery

9. Joe travels to his parents home and picks up his dad's rifle and a ski mask, telling his dad he had hunting plans

10. Joe visits a gun store and buys 60 rounds of ammunition for the rifle and also a handgun with 60 more rounds

11. Joe uses Waze to map out a route from his home in South Carolina to Mar-a-Lago

12. Joe creates a fake document that states he is a member of the Fox News advancement team

13. Joe begins a drive to Mar-a-Lago, with his guns and ammo and vest, staying overnight at a motel in Daytona Beach, Florida 

14. Joe completes his drive to Palm Beach, staying overnight in a motel a few miles from Mar-a-Lago

15. Joe, wearing his a bulletproof vest, drives in morning to Mar-a-Lago and circles grounds 

16. Joe drives to security checkpoint and convinces guard using fake document that he has permission to access the Donald Trump Grand Ballroom

17. Joe parks near where he thinks Trump has his office and is working that morning 

18. Joe waits, watching for workers to arrive at location while monitoring Trump's Truth Social Account

19. Joe emerges from his car with his rifle in one hand and his handgun in another

20. Joe starts running toward the entrance to the Mar-a-Lago, pointing his guns at persons nearby yelling "Where's Trump?"

21. Joe begins to squeeze trigger as he sees someone he thinks is Trump emerge from a door at Mar-a-Lago....



When SHOULD Joe McAngry be deemed guilty of attempted murder?

   -- When could he be deemed guilty at common law?

   -- When could he be deemed guilty under the MPC?



When do you want police to intervene?

When do you think the police legally can intervene?

When do you think the police will intervene?

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