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November 26, 2023

Mapping out final class plans (and tentative review session plans)

I hope everyone has been having a relaxing holiday weekend, and I am eager to try to avoid adding to the stresses of the end of classes and the start of exam period.  To that end, I want to remind everyone what to expect in the coming weeks:

Class plans:

We finish our official class sessions in this coming week, and we will finish up our substantive review of attribution doctrines with a quick tour of complicity and conspiracy on Monday and Tuesday.  If you have read, thoroughly and carefully, the Ochoa case in our text, you will be well prepared for our class discussions.

We will not have class on Wednesday.

Our final class on Thursday will involve completing evaluations as well as discussing some broad themes of the class and what you should expect on the final exam.  If time permits, I am also happy to conduct an "open" review sessions to answer any questions you might have about course materials.


Review session plans:

I am tentatively planning to have (entirely optional) review sessions in the days leading up to our exam.  Specifically, I will plan to be in our classroom to answer questions during the early afternoons (say 2pm) Tuesday to Thursday (December 12 to 14).  These dates and times and the location are entirely flexible, and I am eager to hear any suggestions for other times that will be helpful to you in the coming weeks.

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