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November 20, 2023

Prior posts with older law movie recommendations (and some old exams)

I am planning to use the Thanksgiving break to eat too much and catch up on rest (and watch football) and spend time with family (and watch football) and play some board games and watch some movies (and football).  In some prior pre-turkey day posts, I have flagged some of my favorite law-related movies:

Though most of these movies were made before most of you were born (and a couple are even before I was born), these all still hold up pretty well.  (I have left out law school classics like the The Paper Chase (1973) and Legally Blonde (2001) because you all have plenty of law school without needing to watch movies about it.)

Though I think rest and movie watching should take priority over work during the break, I figure I should elevate here some links to some of my old exams for those starting to focus on post-break realities.   This old post from almost exactly a decade ago has links to seven old exams.  That's way more than anyone should review anytime soon, but be sure to let me know if you have any problem accessing any of these old materials. 

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