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December 13, 2023

Most recent exams for practicing as we get close to finish line

You all will be done with exams in just a matter of hours now, but there is always time for more old exams for practice.  I promised to put up a couple more, and hear are my latest two:

From 2 years ago: Download Berman 2021 Crim final exam

From last year: Download Berman 2022 Crim final exam

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December 12, 2023

Review, review, review ... Tuesday, Wedensday, Thursday at 2pm

I have not heard any complaints about my review session plans, and so I am still planning to have (entirely optional) review sessions in the early afternoons this week, Tuesday to Thursday (December 12 to 14).

As I mentioned in class, I do not make any presentation during these sessions, I just make myself available to answer questions (often at great length).  We can plan to meet at 2pm in our usual classroom (though if there are exam-takers in our usual room, we should move to an open room nearby).


UPDATE And for those Zoom interested, there is a new Zoom link on Carmen for joining the review sessions remotely (in the Announcement section).  I am also recording these sessions and will have the videos on Carmen as well (located where the class recordings are, under Modules).



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December 4, 2023

Fifteen, Ten, Five ... so many years ago for these exams

You take a deep breath and think about taking a practice exam.  It's your 1L year and you're gonna do great since you have come to the right place for Berman's practice exams.  I previously blogged with a link to a (lucky?) seven past exams here.  Now, you can count to ten and take it in with links to three more past exams in a sequence of fives:

From 15 years ago: Download 2008 Final Crim Law exam

From 10 years ago: Download Berman 2013 Crim Law final

From 5 years ago: Download 2018 Final Crim Law Exam

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