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October 04, 2017

Plans for lunch this week and beyond

I was so very pleased to discover significant interesting in lunch plans, which I thought it now useful to review here:

1.  I will try to remind folks before their scheduled day (e.g., this week we have Adam K., Margaret H., Alison R., Bekah T. and Jacob S.). 

2.  Folks should make their way to my office (Room 313) by 11:30am, dressed/ready to take a walk outside to a location to be determined (influenced by weather and other factors).   I usually work at home in the mornings, so I may not be in my office until just around our scheduled meeting time.

3.  It is no big deal if you need to cancel/change plans even at the last minute, but please try to let me know in advance and/or encourage someone else to take your slot.

With nearly all slots already filled through Nov 3, I am eager to create some more days/times for lunch.   Are there other good lunch days for interested folks other than Fridays?  Please use the comments to suggest other possible good days for lunches.   I will have sign ups for additional Fridays forthcoming, and I am happy/eager to schedule lunches on other days, if possible, to ensure we have plenty of available slots.

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