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September 06, 2010

Some background on my law blog affinity (and a request for feedback and recommendations)

For anyone interested in a little background on why I am such a fan of the medium of blogging, consider checking out this new piece appearing in The National Law Journal.  In addition, I wrote a law review article a few years ago on the topic of law professor blogging, which can be found at this link.

Relatedly, I am always eager for student feedback on this particular blogging forum --- e.g., would you like more posts, more optional reading, more links to other law blogs, more discussion of topics other than criminal law, or should I just leave good enough alone.  

Also, I would be curious to know if there are other blogs authored by lawyers or law students (or thoughtful non-law blogs) that you regularly read and/or especially enjoy.

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January 25, 2009

A new blog for the Moritz class of 2011

I just learned of this new blog, titled "12th and High," that appears designed to solicit comments on the law school world situated at our favorite intersection.  Here is part of one post that seems to set the tone and terms of blog coverage:

We want to hear what people have to say about their moritz experience and legal education.

We will start with issues addressed to the moritz ’11 class. We will expand to posts aimed at all moritz students and whatever else we feel like talking about. Our ideas will be posted along with posts from guest bloggers: – classmates, recent grads, and non-legal-types.

If you want to post a guest topic or have any suggestions, shoot us an email [email protected] and we might throw it on the wall. If we do not post it, we promise to read the title of your email.

No names (unless you want to disclose), just raw, honest thoughts. We will attempt to remain anonymous as authors, but after a few beers at bar review you never know what will happen.

Check it out.

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