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January 10, 2007

More on death penalty aesthetics and Ohio death developments

Two quick follow-up after class today (where I felt I talked far too much and most students talked far too little):

1.  Kurt Copper wins the first Berman brownie points by shipping me this link to the pictures of Lee "Tiny" Davis, who was executed by the State of Florida on July 8, 1999.  Personally, I find these pictures of an apparently botched electrocution more disturbing than the Saddam execution video, but maybe that's just because I do not like the sight of blood.

2.  The Columbus Dispatch now has this article discussing the first death penalty case to reach the desk of  Ohio's new Governor, Ted Strickland.  Anyone especially interested in the death penalty in Ohio should be sure to become a regular reader of the Ohio Death Penalty Information blog, which already has lots of stuff here on the Biros case.

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