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January 10, 2007

The final "white paper" requirement

As I mention in the course description, I have decided to try a novel approach to the "final" in this class. Because the law, policy and politics of the death penalty is quite fluid (especially right now), I do not want to develop a final exam that forces students to focus narrowly n current (and ever-evolving) death penalty doctrines.  Instead, I am planning to require student to prepare a "white paper" discussing the history, law and politics of the death penalty in a particular jurisdiction.

I am still thinking about exact due dates and length requirements, and I an not even sure the term "white paper" precisely fits what I have in mind.  (Here is a wikipedia entry on the concept of a "white paper," and it has me thinking that I am really looking for students to do something more akin to a "green paper".)  Whatever we call this final assignment, my hope is that students will produce documents that not only justify posting on this blog, but also could be sent directly to officials in the jurisdiction being examined.

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