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December 30, 2008

2008 Supplement for Sentencing Law and Policy casebook available here

As noted in the course description, an 2008 on-line supplement providing additional materials to accompany our Sentencing Law and Policy casebook can be download from this blog/website. 

Specifically, the SL&P 2008 supplement can be downloaded at this link.  Though this supplement includes lots of notes covering various sentencing developments through summer 2008, its most critical materials are the edited versions of Kimbrough and Gall (which we will not discuss until probably mid-Frebruary).

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December 18, 2008

Welcome to the reboot of this blog for another semester of punishment and sentencing

Welcome to the re-launch of a this blogging adventure.  This blog started two years ago, with the uninspired title of Death Penalty Course @ Moritz College of Law, to facilitate student engagement in the Spring 2007 course on the death penalty that I taught at OSU's Moritz College of Law. 

Though I formally closed this blog down not long after that course ended, I have been pleased to see all the students' hard work as reflected in the archives still generates significant traffic and much of the posts remain timely.  Consequently, as I gear up for teaching Criminal Punishment & Sentencing in Spring 2009 at the Moritz College of Law, I decided to reboot this blog to allow the new course to build indirectly in this space on some of the materials covered before.

I was generally pleased with how this blog helped promote a new type of engagement with the death penalty and with on-line media with students in the 2007 class.  (Even after nearly five years of focused blogging at my main blog, I continue to be amazed by what can be discovered through the process of blogging.)  But because I did not assign a text in the Death Penalty Course, this blog was truly the focal point for reading materials in the 2007 course.  We have a traditional text for our 2009 Criminal Punishment & Sentencing course, this blog likely will play a less fundamental role in course activities.





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