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March 4, 2010

Sign up for re-scheduled NY Federal Defender field trip on March 24

As mentioned in class, I have reschedled the snow-postoned invitation to speak with the Federal Defenders of New York, Inc downtown for the afternoon of Wednesday, March 24.  As before, I think the Defenders can host up to five students along with me, so please indicate in the comments if you would like to come to what should be an informative and fun get together.

This session will take place at 1pm, so I suspect the group will need to leave straight from our class to head downtown.  As before, I may try to find a time to connect that afternoon with some NYC federal judges, and I also probably will not be able to avoid migrating over to Chinatown for dinner.  Seminar students are invited (but not at all required) to hang out downtown as long as they wish as part of this "field trip."

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I would like to go.

Posted by: Ashley King | Mar 5, 2010 5:44:39 PM

I would also like to come.

Posted by: Sarah Lorr | Mar 6, 2010 1:17:13 PM

I'd like to go as well.

Posted by: Steve Kress | Mar 6, 2010 10:43:10 PM

I'm in too.

Posted by: John Hamill | Mar 7, 2010 11:51:07 AM

I'm in!!

Posted by: Emily Viglietta | Mar 9, 2010 12:27:37 PM

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