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March 17, 2014

Make sure you work on (and are ready to discuss) FSG sentencing of Rob Anon

Monday's first post-break class will involve lots of catching up on events since our last gathering and lots of gearing up for our final six week of classes. It will help if everyone has already gone through the Rob Anon guideline sentencing experience, and having done so will be essential to getting the most out of our classes the rest of this month. If you have already done this exercise, do it again and/or review your work. If you have note done it yet, please do ASAP. And everyone is encouraged to discuss the experiences in the comments here.

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I was actually surprised at this assignment. I thought sentencing Rob Anon under the guidelines would be very difficult and complex; however, after you told us what provisions to look at, there were only a few times that I was unsure how many points to add to his score. I am sure it would have been more difficult to figure out the correct sentencing range if you had not given us the provisions to look at beforehand. Nevertheless, I was shocked at the sentence range I came up with. The minimum on the range was double what I had personally recommended Rob Anon receive. This has definitely shown me the harsh nature of the FSG! However, on the bright side, the reading indicated that after Booker, sentences have departed downwards from the FSG recommendation more often and thus, sentences have gotten more lenient. So maybe things are getting better.

Posted by: Heather S | Mar 18, 2014 2:12:00 PM

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