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April 21, 2015

The great opportunity (and great joy) of semester review via mini-papers

Thanks to the extraordinary help of my wonderful office assistant Allyson, I now have now finally assembled more than 60 of the mini-papers submitted over the last two months into nine subject-specific collections (in pdf form) for posting here and collective review.  Huzzah!

Though all the mini-papers are a whole lot to read in one sitting (running 120+ pages), I am hopeful the subject-specific organization will enable students to review topics of particular interest in smaller chunks.  And, as I continue to re-read all the mini-papers, I find that they serve as an interesting and effective review of much of what we formally covered in class through the semester. 

I will be posting these collections in a number of separate posts (to perhaps facilitate distinct comments concerning different collections), and I will start with the big topic of the death penalty that kept us especially busy the first half of the semester:

Download Death Penalty (pdf collection runs 31 pages)

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Though today is only the first 'official' day for Lynch as the newly-announced AG (she'll be sworn in on Monday), I thought Chris' point in class about watching how her installment as AG affects criminal justice reform was spot on. Most believe that Lynch's biggest asset is her positive and long-standing relationship with law enforcement, as well as her unique awareness of race relations and the difficulties and tensions those necessarily bring in the law enforcement field. Much to the dismay of our sentencing class, however, Lynch has gone on record as referring to the death penalty as an "effective punishment." It will be interesting to watch her policies on juvenile sentencing coincide with SCOTUS handing its decisions down in the pending cases, as well as how closely Lynch carries out the work on criminal justice reform that AG Holder started.

Also, for an interesting intersection of 'whos' (and politics at his finest), if anyone has a few minutes and is interested, clips from Lynch's initial confirmation hearing here: http://www.c-span.org/video/?323993-1/us-attorney-general-nominee-confirmation-hearing.

Posted by: Kelly Flanigan | Apr 24, 2015 7:49:27 AM

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