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March 26, 2018

Reading in preparation of Zac Bolitho's visit on Monday, April 2

On April 2, Zachary Bolitho, Moritz class of 2007 who now serves as Deputy Chief of Staff and Associate Deputy Attorney General to the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, will be speaking to our class.  As mentioned in class, here is how he would like all of us to prepare for his visit:

In terms of reading, it might be helpful if the students were familiar with Judge Pryor’s “presumptive guidelines” proposal (described in this speech to the American Law Institute).  I plan to spend a few minutes discussing how the Commission operates, what role DOJ plays in the process, what amendments are pending at the Commission now, and then I’d like to just have a discussion with the students.  I’d particularly love to hear their reactions to Judge Pryor’s proposal.

If there are particular questions that you would like me to address (or topics you know the students will want to discuss), please send them my way.

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After hearing Zac speak in class, I saw this article from NPR: "Opioid Use Lower In States That Eased Marijuana Laws." Although even researches admit that this doesn't mean legalizing marijuana is the answer to the opioid crisis, and marijuana comes with its own set of risks, it's definitely a consideration the DOJ should be thinking about. Even if they believe increasing offense levels is the best way to combat the opioid crisis, they must also think about how they enforce other other drug-related laws, including marijuana laws. Zac will likely say that this new information is best for the legislature to consider and decide the best course of action, it is still something he and the DOJ should be aware of.


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