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March 31, 2020

Many thanks for the terrific in-class presentations, and apologies for only being able to post this additional one... AND ONE MORE

I keep wanting to believe that I have a handle on technology, but it seems I only can figure out blogging (sometimes). 

To that end, here is Andrea's terrific presentation (in two parts because of the size of the file):

Download Part 1 -- Clemency for Victims of Sex Trafficking Who Commit

Download Part 2 -- Clemency for Victims of Sex Trafficking Who Commit

I am a bit fearful that the embedded audio may still not be working, but I will keep trying to make this work. 


Also, the recording of our Zoom class on March 31 is available at this link (which I have also posted in Carmen):



UPDATECarly has submitted a recorded version of her presentation on "Clemency in the UK" and here is the link:

Download Carly Sinclair Clemency LP3


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March 11, 2020

Eager to be flexible with remaining class presentations (and final papers)

With the news that Ohio State has now suspended face-to-face instruction and is moving to virtual instruction through at least Monday, March 30, I am eager to hear from those students who still need to make their clemency presentations about how best to move forward (recalling my mantra of low stress/high learning).  Here are some thoughts as we move forward:

1.  Because of travel restrictions, we have had to cancel the guest speaker who was supposed to speak at our class session on March 31.  As a result, we have five "open" scheduled class periods for the eight remaining presentations (March 17, 24, 31 and April 7, 14).

2.  With the hope that we will be back to regular classes by March 31 or April 7, we could just cancel our classes during the face-to-face suspension period and plan to have the final eight presentations during our regular scheduled Tuesday class times upon return.

3.  Using this blog or other technology (e.g., Carmen), we could "post" online student presentations in the form of just a PowerPoint deck or a video presentation.  Students could create/record whatever form of online presentation they would like to develop at their own pace, and then send them to me for posting for all of us to watch/review at our own pace.  (We can even arrange to record a presentation at Drinko if that would be helpful or more convenient for any interested students.)

4.  We can plan to "meet" online via Carmen Zoom at our regularly scheduled Tuesday times and students could plan/seek to present at their regularly scheduled times.  (UPDATE: I have been playing with Carmen Zoom, and it seems pretty easy to use if we would all like to try to conduct our "normal" class in this less-than-normal way.)

As of right now, I am inclined to (A) cancel our March 17 class so that students can spend the first week "back" figuring out just what "virtual instruction" looks and feels like in all your other classes, (B) encourage anyone interested in creating any online presentation to go ahead and do so in order to satisfy this part of the course requirements, and (C) welcome/encourage any and all feedback so we can do our best to keep achieving low stress/high learning in the weeks ahead.

Feedback is welcome in the comments here or via email.  Also, the lack of face-to-face instruction ought not create any major barriers to completing your final papers (which are not due until May 7), and I welcome any questions or concerns on that front (or any others) during these uncertain times.   And remember, as I have said repeatedly, you are all going to pass.

If I can help any of you with any challenges you may be facing, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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