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March 31, 2020

Many thanks for the terrific in-class presentations, and apologies for only being able to post this additional one... AND ONE MORE

I keep wanting to believe that I have a handle on technology, but it seems I only can figure out blogging (sometimes). 

To that end, here is Andrea's terrific presentation (in two parts because of the size of the file):

Download Part 1 -- Clemency for Victims of Sex Trafficking Who Commit

Download Part 2 -- Clemency for Victims of Sex Trafficking Who Commit

I am a bit fearful that the embedded audio may still not be working, but I will keep trying to make this work. 


Also, the recording of our Zoom class on March 31 is available at this link (which I have also posted in Carmen):



UPDATECarly has submitted a recorded version of her presentation on "Clemency in the UK" and here is the link:

Download Carly Sinclair Clemency LP3


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