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February 28, 2008

Reminder: Friday's focus on Warshow and Porter

Just a quick reminder that we will be looking very closely at every aspect of the Warshow case from the text and Hyle v. Porter, No. 2008-Ohio-542 (Ohio S. Ct. Feb. 20, 2008) (available here), as we (finally!) get serious about focusing on the specific tools (and unique challenges) of statutory interpretation.

When we started our Warshow discussion last week, it was clear that not everyone had read the case as closely as needed (which is likely my fault) in order for us to be able to do the kind of statutory interpretation analysis I want us to do.  So, in addition to mentioning Warshow at the end of last class, this is my additional effort to provide more warning that I will be expecting everyone to be very familiar with every aspect of what all the opinions in Warshow and Hyle v. Porter say.

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Here's a link to an interesting article on legisprudence. I'm still trying to work my way through it and decipher it. It seems helpful, though, so here's a link to it:


I think that should work. If it doesn't, I'll try finding a better link for it.


Posted by: T Nittle | Feb 29, 2008 10:47:31 AM

This is an interesting Grey Lady article about what Warshow and friends did after the case.


He also uses some of his electricity money to donate to political campaigns.


Amazing what you can find on the internet.

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