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February 19, 2008

Status quo bias and system justification theory

As promised, starting this week we will start spend a lot more class time focused on the textbook readings.  This week, for example, I am going to really zero in on the Warshow and Morgane cases, and everyone should make sure they understand what going on in these cases in terms of legislative interpretation.

In addition, though we will be focused on these cases, I am also going to be developing a lot of important broad new conceptual ideas.  Most of these ideas are about legal theory and are covered in the text.  But I also want to discussion the social-psychological concepts of status quo bias and system justification theory.  For background, it is sufficient for you to check out Wikipedia entries for SQB and SJT, though students deeply interested in these ideas are encouraged to check out this short article titled "Antecedents and Consequences of System-Justifying Ideologies."

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