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March 31, 2008

Class plans for this week and beyond

Just a quick note to remind everyone about this week's class plans:

1.  I will clarify any confusion I have created about the grading of the mid-term paper and about the format of the final exam.  (Remember that the mid-term paper needs to be handed in to my secretary before the end of this week.)

2.  I want to talk just a bit more about Hyle v. Porter, with a focus on two questions: (A) what is the strongest statutory interpretation theory one could put forward to support the Ohio Supreme Court's ruling, and (B) what should the Ohio legislature do in response to the ruling?

3.  I want to focus on the issues and statutory construction canons that appear in the Fourth Circuit ruling in US v. Hayes (available here), with a focus on two questions: (A) what canon best accounts for the outcome in the Fourth Circuit, and (B) does the constitutional doubt canon have any relevance here?

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