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June 14, 2008

Seeking reflections on the whole 1L experience

I VERY MUCH hope the interesting and informative dialogue continues in the comment threads here and here concerning our class.  But I also hope many of you will use this post to share broader reflections on your entire 1L experience (especially now that you are really just weeks away from starting your 2L experience).  Specifically, I would be grateful for thoughts/comments on these two topics:

Though these are similar topics, I am eager to hear reflections both (1) on the basic elements of the 1L program that nearly all law students nationwide experience (e.g., relatively large classes on traditional subjects, traditional in-class exams, etc.), and (2) on any unique aspects of the Moritz College of Law that were uniquely good or bad (e.g., one spring class ending mid-semester, small sections in the fall, legal writing taught by regular faculty, etc).

Thanks!  (And I really do hope to see more comments specifically about our class and exam here and here.  I can only hope to do better in the future if I have a developed understanding of what I did most wrong and what/how I can/should improve my efforts to innovate.)

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