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October 22, 2006

A forum for discussing ... law school innovations

Welcome to the launch of a new blogging adventure: Law School Innovation (LSI).  My goal starting this blog is to create a forum for discussing ... law school innovations. 

As a regular law blog reader, I often notice much blogging about law school dynamics and new law school endeavors at blogs such as Concurring Opinions and Empirical Legal Studies and MoneyLaw and PrawfsBlawg and The Volokh Conspiracy.  (I sometime go "off-topic" at my home blog to discuss on-line companions to law journals and related bloggy topics (see, e.g., posts here and here).)

I thought it might be useful to have a dedicated blog home for these sorts of discussions, and Paul Caron and Joe Hodnicki were kind enough to embrace this new project into their Law Professor Blog Network.  Topics ranging from Harvard Law School's new 1L curriculum to the recent emergence of Supreme Court clinics to blogging as scholarship to PowerPoint and internet access in the classroom are just some of the issues I hope will get discussed here.

Though my ambitions for this blog are huge, my time is limited.  Thus, I hope other law professors, law students, practicing lawyers and anyone else interested in law school design and evolution will become regular contributors.  I would be happy — indeed, eager — to bring on as co-blogger anyone prepared to do a post or two a week on law school innovation topics.   Also, I have created a Board of Advisors for this blog.  I have no idea exactly what Advisors will do, but at least such a Board is an innovation in the blogosphere. 

I encourage early visitors to use the comments to tell me whether this new blog adventure seems like a good idea.  If I get encouraging feedback, I'll probably invest (too much) energy in this new project; if the feedback is less encouraging, this blog may wither away once college basketball season gets going.

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CALI is all about innovation in law schools and I would certainly be willing to offer a post or so a week about the innovative things going in the law school technology arena.

Posted by: Elmer Masters | Oct 24, 2006 8:50:07 PM

I think law schools need to get there students better prepped for IT issues.

Posted by: eric | Jul 13, 2007 10:51:14 PM

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